Negative Reputation

Suppress Negative Reputation

The meaning of Online Reputation Management or ORM is very simple. It is the process or methods used to affect or influence the online or search engine reputation of a business, or a company, or any other entity. So it is basically a method of controlling what will be the results when someone searches about a certain thing, or a place, or company etc. So Online Reputation Management helps a by pushing down the negative or bad results and displaying the positive results on top ensuring that when someone googles about that business he or she encounters the positive reviews or results first.

It all boils down to one thing: your online reputation matters a great deal. A bad online reputation can keep your sales down; a positive one can help it soar. The first step to build a strong, lasting online presence for your business is to develop an accurate understanding about your audience. The second step is to create a message that will resonate best with them. The third step is to be consistent with your brand message. Lastly, use the right mix of promotional activities to connect with customers, share information with them, and woo them.

How do you check your or business’s online reputation?

The answer is simple. Just google yourself or your business name or company name. The results that come up are going to help you out in checking your online reputation. Studies shows that 92-93% people only look up the results on the first page and usually forms an opinion about a thing based on the top ten search results. So it is very important to push down the negative reviews about one’s business farther down the first page at least.

If all the search results are positive and also are relevant then you have nothing to worry about but if there are more than one negative search result about your business it clearly means that there is trouble because the negative search is going to affect or influence your business badly. Strangely it is not always the negative search results about your business that will influence your business but if the search results are irrelevant that also poses a serious problem for you. By irrelevant I mean that if someone googles about your companies name but nothing that is in relevance to your company or business shows up in the search results. This could lead to a serious problem.


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