Competitor Crushing

Win Your Competitors By Grey Technique

Every business has their own competitors. All competitors exist in multi channel such as search engine, social media, blogs, etc. As long as they are in the same industry and marketing themselves by using the same channel, then there are competition. In Internet world, we don't bother which company has bigger team, bigger office, bigger cash capital, better operation. We only care about the brand awareness in Facebook, higher ranking in Search Engine, who has more positive review, who has more follower or tweets.

This is always happened that your competitor company size is significantly smaller than yours but they have better online presence and get more advantage online. Your competitor brand themselves as 10 person team and showing off those Certification, Award Wining Icon, Big Customer Company as Portfolio, Many Partnership logo, etc . They are also pasting alot of testimonial in their website to show social proof. What do you have?



SE ranking is lower than your competitor? You have no idea why your competitor ranking is always above yours. CTR decrease versus rank position as per graph above. Means that your competitor has higher business opportunity than you. You can either increase your rank position or decrease your competitor rank position.



Social Brand Awareness Comparison is very straight forward. How many your social media channel your competitor is using? How many facebook page likes? How many Tweeter followers and Tweets? How many Instagram audiences? All the indicators can be measured between yours and your competitors.



How many blog, press release, online media are writing about your competitors? Can you identify them? Do you want to have the same brand mentions for your company? Do you know how to crush your competitors if using third part media ?


With our expert team and expertise in the areas of digital marketing, we offer you the services that help crushing your competitors, ask us how..